Position: Esthetician 

Location: Village

About Me

With more than 21 years of experience in hands-on services and supported by formal education, field practice, and certifications from internationally recognized institutions (IDI The International Dermal Institute, Skin Ceuticals, Nylynn LLC, Health & Nutrition Detoxification M’llis, Dermalogica, G.M Collin, M.D Formulation, I.D Bare Mineral, Methode Physiodermie, and Aveda), I am very confident in my field to provide a service that truly makes difference to my customer's skin. I have also advised many individual customers with problematic skin conditions such as adult acne, middle-aged skin stress, post-pregnancy skin issues, young age with photodamage, resulting in astonishing treatment successes. If you looking to get a service that gives you real results to improve your skin rather than just relaxation services, then let me help you at the Boise location on Thursday - Saturday from 9 am - 5 pm. I look forward to seeing you at Panache.